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You know that old saying by Heraclitus about how you never step in the same river twice? Well, that’s the idea for this blog — that it should be ever-changing and constantly flowing. Just like life. I write about technology, the Internet, media, marketing and other musings. This site has been around, in some form or another, since 1995. (Wow, I’m old.)

I’m a journalist writing and editing content about media, marketing, advertising and technology. My resume site (with contact info) is here.

Bio: Pamela Parker (Caird) is executive features editor at Third Door Media’s Marketing Land and  Search Engine Land. She reports and writes news and features, and works with contributing practitioners from a variety of interactive marketing disciplines.

Formerly, Pamela was a senior manager in business development at Federated Media Publishing, helping recruit, advise and support bloggers and other independent site authors. She helped identify sites with promise and negotiated a mutually-advantageous relationship. Then, once they become partners, she consulted with these publishers about monetizing their sites, helping with everything from content strategy to ad serving technology.

Before joining Federated Media, Pamela was managing editor of several units of the ClickZ Network: News, Features and Experts. She covered interactive advertising and marketing beginning in the boom days of 1999, chronicling the dot-com crash and the subsequent rise of the medium. From that vantage point, she’s delved into search, e-mail, RSS, rich media and mobile, watching every step, and mis-step, along the road to their development.

Before working on the ClickZ properties, Parker was associate editor at @NY, a pioneering Web site and e-mail newsletter covering New York new media start-ups.

She has served as speaker and moderator at a wide variety of events, including the SMX East, West, Advanced and Social Media events, Jupiter/ClickZ AdForum, ClickZ E-Mail Strategies, Ad:Tech and the IAB Professional Development Series. She’s been quoted as an expert in parent blogging by the New York Times.

Pamela received a master’s degree in journalism, with a concentration in new media, from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Prior to her studies, she was a reporter, editor and desk assistant at KTRH Radio in Houston. She started her career as radio station manager at Taping for the Blind in Houston, a non-profit serving the visually impaired. Her undergraduate degree is in Radio-Television-Film and was earned at the University of Texas at Austin.

She is married, recently moved to the Austin, TX, area — after 13 years in NYC and the San Francisco Bay Area — and has two children.